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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christine for the exceptional physical therapy treatment she has given to both my daughter and myself over the past few years. She has always been very compassionate and caring and you can tell that she takes great pride in her work. It has truly been a pleasure getting to know her.”

Lisa F.

“Steve’s experience and willingness to listen, helped me through several sports related injuries. He was always professional and took the extra time to make sure I understood the exercises. Upon completion of the physical therapy sessions, he always followed up to ensure my injuries were resolved.”

Wendy N.

“I have been treated by Christine three times in the past 2-1/2 years. I never fully understood the value of P.T. until I met her. Not only did she take the time to explain the treatment, but offered advice on how to avoid the problems in the future. Knowing whats coming at you and how it will affect your future mobility means a great deal. My foot pain has disappeared. My neck and shoulder pain are under control, having been warned that it would never go away completely, but that there were exercises to relieve the pain. Simply put, I could not imagine not being able to call on Christine for my ‘aches and pains’ !! She is the best !!”

Dan W.

“I have a chronic back injury as the result of a crash during a mountain bike race. The herniated disc caused a searing pain down the back of my left leg. Until I received treatment from Steve Stockwell, the pain interfered with my sleep and restricted routine activities like sitting and driving. Through a combination of hands-on therapy and specific, individualized exercises, I am now pain-free for the first time in 10 years. I highly recommend Stockwell Physical Therapy!”

Ry P., Attorney
Contoocook, NH

“I joined Christine Stockwell’s prenatal exercise class in my third month of pregnancy.  I was excited to attend an exercise class that would keep me toned and agile during this time. Through her cardiovascular and strength building exercises and stretches, I was able to remain fit and retain the physical stamina that I needed during labor.  I was extremely pleased with Christine’s knowledge of the physical aspects of pregnancy as well as the fitness do’s and don’ts.  Her classes were always fun, informative and exhilarating.

“After the birth of my daughter, I enrolled in Christine’s postpartum exercise classes and was equally impressed.  I look forward to future classes in her new facility.”

Stephanie L.

“For the past six years, I have had the pleasure of having Christine Stockwell as my physical therapist.  I have had various problems with my back and upon recommendation from my doctor,  I went to Christine for help.  My most recent visit was last summer when I was nearly ’emergency room material.’ Christine worked with me several times each week and, within one month, I was truly a new person.  She gave me a series of exercises which I still do faithfully each morning and at night to help prevent a future problem.  I feel fortunate to have such a caring, compassionate, and skilled therapist.”

Susan D., New London

“I was suffering with knee pain that made it difficult to perform some normal daily functions, like walking down stairs and driving. During my first visit with Christine I was quite impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. Also, she has a mannerism that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Christine took the time to explain exactly what she was doing and listened to my concerns. Through our conversations I learned that my knee pain was related to my occasional hip pain as well as my recurrent ankle sprains. She informed me that it all stemmed from my feet that ‘roll in’ or ‘over pronate’. I was amazed to have an answer for all these problems. I felt immediate relief after Christine gave me orthotic soles for my shoes and I am on my way to a speedy recovery. Thank you Christine!”

Eileen M.

“Steve, being an athlete himself was really able to get me back on track after my surgery which had resulted from an accident.  After one year of unsuccessful therapy, surgery was the best chance for me to get my life back to normal.

“After surgery, I then worked with Steve twice a week.  He was able to not only encourage me, but kept me in check so I didn’t suffer any setbacks which would hinder my progress in therapy.

“Steve has a very positive and upbeat attitude which helped me emotionally as well.  I highly recommend him to all of my athletic friends and anyone else I know.”

Cyclist, Chef
Rick from Concord

“I longed for a good night sleep. For many, many years my sleep was constantly interrupted by ‘nature’s call.’ In 2002, my doctor recommended Christine Stockwell as a therapist to advise me on different aspects of bladder control. Christine was most sensitive to my innate reluctance to approach such a personal problem with anyone. Christine offered stimulation, diet advice, and exercises that made me become more aware of my bodily functions and after several weeks with personal dignity intact, I learned techniques to become the master of my urinary impulses. I feel more confident when I’m socializing for extended periods of time. Although I still may wake up some nights, I am able to do exercises that enable me to go to sleep. Christine also has access to information for home therapy.

“I was referred to Christine Stockwell in 2006 with back pain of over 35 years or more. Christine devised individual exercises and supervised the correct way to do them. My program also included deep electrical stimulation and encouragement. Christine’s focus has been on my individual problem(s) and has used techniques specific to the area(s) of concern. I’d like to recommend Christine as a therapist for her knowledge of multiple problems and her determination to help solve them and as a sweet, caring human being for her compassion and empathy.”

Betty M.

“I met Christine Stockwell for the first time in the summer of 2002 when I was pregnant with our son. At the time, Christine ran a pre-natal exercise class program at New London Hospital.

“I signed up for this class and attended on a weekly basis and found the class to be incredibly beneficial to a very healthy pregnancy. The exercises aided in increased energy level during my pregnancy and gave me a sense of overall accomplishment and techniques which were not only beneficial during that time, but exercises I have continued with after pregnancy.

“The relaxation techniques offered during this class were also helpful in allowing a setting aside of moments to think about yourself and your unborn child. It was truly a time I looked forward to in connecting with myself and my unborn child.

“After the birth of our son, I began having issues with my knees and was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees. My primary care physician suggested physical therapy to get things back on track and to learn exercise techniques which would aid in my comfort.

“Having had such a positive experience with Christine, I immediately phoned her and sought her help for several months. Her diagnosis, and exercise routine have greatly aided me and still do to this day!

“In the fall of 2006, I experienced a spasm in my back which was very painful. I sought care through my primary care physician and he once again suggested physical therapy as a way to strengthen my back and to get to a place where I could be comfortable without medication. Once again – a call to Christine!

“I sought her assistance for a month and to this day also complete that exercise routine as a method of preventive care and to strengthen my back to prevent future discomfort.

“I have enjoyed an excellent professional relationship with Christine and would have no hesitation in seeking her assistance again, if required, or recommending others to her for care.”

Terri W.

“My experience with an alternative treatment for my bladder problem has helped me quite a bit. Prior to getting into this treatment, I was not sure what else I could do to help me get this condition quieted down. I could have increased the medication but decided to hold off and thus never did increase the meds.

“I was made aware that I would have to do the exercises at home and to try to get certain things under control, ie: not rush to the bathroom immediately but to stop, think about something else, then proceed to use the bathroom. (The whole idea of not letting my condition run me, but taking some control to eventually allow me to decide about using the bathroom.) I also have stopped drinking coffee and now drink KAVA which has most of the acidity removed from it. There are also other food items to be careful of eating because of the sensitivity to the bladder.

“It did take me some time to become acclimated with the exercises. It was necessary to see the therapist 2 to 3 times a week and have my questions answered and have it become a part of my life.

“I have a walking route of about 3 miles where I live and I had a hard time not walking without having to go to the bathroom. This was annoying to me. I can now say I do this walk without any leakage.

“About leakage: I constantly had leakage no matter where I was and no matter what I tried. I am aware of the difference now and feel comfortable going to events and my walking my route.

“Kegels: Doing Kegels correctly makes all the difference in the world. Being told to do Kegels and actually having someone tell you how to do them makes all the difference in the world.

“I think going through this treatment has helped me a great deal. Now, I just have to the exercises and remind myself of how it was before this treatment.”


“In March of 2006 I had surgery on my right shoulder to repair a severe rotator cuff tear & a SLAP lesion. After a brief recovery period, I started PT with Christine. Thanks in no small part to her skill & dedication, I was back to work full duty within 4 months.

“It was recently necessary for me to start PT for some cervical-spinal issues, and because of the care I had previously received, I specifically requested to work with Christine.

“Christine is motivational enough to get you through your therapy, but she’s fun to work with and always has a smile and a positive attitude.

“Thanks for helping me get my shoulder back!”

Karen C.

“After a complete ACL tear in my left knee, I had the pleasure of being motivated to recovery by Christine Stockwell. Her kind demeanor and caring attitude really was an incredible experience for me as an elite athlete who had not been injured before in my life. Her motivation techniques and structured care really built me up to the strength I needed to continue my carreer as an amateur athlete.

“Since my rehab regime with Christine 2-1/2 years ago I have run a 21:04 5K, 2 marathons (3:14 – Chicago, 3:05 – Boston), placed second in the Sea to Summit – ending with a climb up Mt Washington (10 hour 35 min) and qualified for the US National Triathlon Championships for Olympic distance. I am thankful for the incredible base that Christine has given me during a time when recovery to this extent was only a dream.”

Nancy P.

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