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Choosing the right physical therapist can result in fewer treatment sessions and a significant cost savings for you.

It may surprise you, but not all physical therapy clinics are the same. The clinicians at Stockwell Physical Therapy collectively have decades of experience.
The clinicians at Stockwell Physical Therapy specialize in the evaluation and treatment of:
  • Muscle and joint problems
  • Rehabilitation of the injured athlete
  • Postsurgical physical therapy
  • Total joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Neck and back pain treatment and more
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  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christine for the exceptional physical therapy treatment she has given to both my daughter and myself over the past few years.

    Lisa F.

  • Steve's experience and willingness to listen, helped me through several sports related injuries.

    Wendy N.

  • I have been treated by Christine three times in the past 2-1/2 years. I never fully understood the value of P.T. until I met her.

    Dan W.

  • I highly recommend Stockwell Physical Therapy!

    Ry P.

  • I was extremely pleased with Christine`s knowledge of the physical aspects of pregnancy as well as the fitness do`s and don`ts

    Stephanie L.

  • I feel fortunate to have such a caring, compassionate, and skilled therapist.

    Susan D.

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